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About ‘Releasing The Entrepreneur In You’

She is seen as a strong woman. One that holds the family together. She is resourceful, and has the answers to almost everything. She is mother, wife, daughter, friend, hard worker and Sunday School teacher. But she struggles with taking that next step to become an entrepreneur. She struggles with the very idea that this journey would mean time to work on her and what God has called her to do. She doubts her ability to walk a path mostly unknown to Christian women, especially, Christian women of color. She worries about not being viewed as “spiritual” by her family and church community but she is determined to fulfill her calling in the marketplace. She needs help in making those first few crucial and exponential steps.
Releasing the Entrepreneur in You: A New Frontier for Christian Women is written for that woman. Speaking in her very down-to earth language, author Germaine Dublin will share the wisdom and expertise she has garnered as a Christian woman entrepreneur and a woman of color. The Christian entrepreneurial women, especially women of color, have been an untapped potential. This book is specifically catering to these two groups of women.

“Releasing The Entrepreneur In You'. It is full of inspiration and informative about the process and journey of entrepreneurship!"

Ms. Elise Graves, CEOWindow Decor ‘N A Bag, LLCInventor of:WALL-BEES

“'Releasing The Entrepreneur In You' is like the Bible for Entrepreneurs.!

Edris Webbe

Senior Pastor

Ebenezer House of Worship

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