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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Never in the modern history of mankind has there been such a time as the one we are living in. The coining of such terms as ‘Social Distancing’ is so widely bantered about but the seriousness of our situation is finally sinking in. Our sensibilities has been bombarded with news and updates constantly througout the day leading to panic buying and mass hysteria in

some cases, leaving some of the most vulnerable in need of simple supplies such as toilet paper and basic food items and hospitals short of important supples such as masks. That is the down side.

What we have also seen is a community pulling together helping each other and caring for their neighbor however close or distant they are. We’ve seen people from stars to ordinary people doing what they can to help from giving money to sewing home made masks. This is just a reminder that although there is evil and unkindness in the world they are far outweighed by people doing good and seeking to do good. We are also reminded that there is a God in this and every situation through the kindness and resilience of each one of us. This is the time to shine folks. This is the time to show your humanity. How do we do this? Well go on to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website and read up on the symptoms of the virus. If you are expoeriencing symptoms there is a self-checker tool to help you decide on whether to seek help or stay at home. Learn how to protect yourself and others . The advise from the CDC cannot be overstated.

In the spirit of living in community and caring for your nieghbor, this is the best thing that we all can do. Even if you are young and healthy consider this, you may not get sick but you may cause others to get sick and in some case die. Be good. Be careful. Let’s do this together.

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