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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A brand promise is a promise made by a brand that their product will fulfill the demands and the needs of the customer in the way they claim they can. It helps in gaining the trust of the customers and thus maintaining a long term relationship with them.

A brand promise helps a company to differentiate itself from other companies and to stand out by highlighting the other company’s shortcomings and their superiority even though they all will be selling similar kind of products/service. They do this to prove themselves different and much better than the others. The aim is to get more customers which in turn will lead to an increase in their sales.

A brand promise is a very powerful tool for any company. If it is used in a proper way, it will help the companies engage the trust of their customers. It increases their expectation from their products and hence motivates them to buy.

A brand promise articulates such an ideology which surpasses the rational advantages that may have worked in the past and the emphasis is placed on an emotional reward of a higher order.

A brand promise is not just a slogan or tagline used for advertising but it is more about the performance of the brand.

It is very much about how the company or the business organization can create a strong and long lasting connections with their customers that would bring about long-lasting profitable outcomes.

For a brand promise to be effective, it not only focuses on the promises made in the past but also explores the emotionally based, positive, societal as well as the ecological outcomes that may be created by the brand.

Thus a brand promise is one of the branches of the corporate strategies that has to maintain three of its objectives which is it’s values, mission and vision. It helps companies by providing a powerful platform which can justify all of these three core elements and then actualize them.

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