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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Email Marketing is self explanatory. You use emails to market your products. In order to do so you would need an email list. Here are some tips to growing your email list.

(1) You can collect emails by asking people to sign up at events where you are a vendor.

(2) You can do some social media advertising to invite people to sign up. To encourage people to sign up you may need to offer them something such as a coupon/discount, a free consultation or an ebook. Ask for their emails in exchange for the freebee.

(3) You can have an email sign up on your website that pops up when people visit your website. Also request their email at checkout when they are purchasing from you website

(4) Add a sign-up button to your facebook page

Your emails need to be compelling. When you are putting together your emails pay attention to the following:

(5) Have a clear subject line

(6) Have a call to action i.e. ‘click on the link below to get your free…….’

(7) Have a great mobile design for mobile devices. Most people use mobile devices and you want to make sure that they have nice view of your site

(8) Have good content. This is where you can source out to someone on sites such as Fiverr. You should have you content personalized to suite your target audience

(9) Make sure that the content is proof read for any spelling or grammatical mistakes

If you want more information on how you can build your email list, you can go on to or

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