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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

Eleanor Roosevelt


It's An Amazing Choice is committed to encourage, inspire, support, and motivate minority and Christian women to start & excel in their own small business.

To demystify the process of starting and setting up a small business.

To open their minds to the endless possibilities of their potential based on biblical principles.

Meet Germaine Dublin

My name is Germaine Dublin I am a CEO, Best Selling Author, Small Business Start up coach/mentor. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website but an even bigger thank you for using this website as a resource to explore your entrepreneural possibilities. My Mission for this site is to provide resources for and reach as many women as possible who have a desire to become an entrepreneur and monetize their skills and abilities.


Too many times women have categorized their skills and abilities as just a hobby or pastime and have not recognized the endless possibilities they hold in their hands. I aim to use this site to share information and by doing so empower, encourage and support women in their entrepreneural journey. Entrepreneurship is such a freeing journey and I want to journey with you. I promise to keep this site informative and welcoming. I trust and hope that you will use this site as part of your weekly if not daily routine. 


What Do I Do? I work with Christian women and women of color to help them fully walk and live on purpose and to claim their destiny. I do that through teaching, coaching, mentoring, providing resources and encouraging.


Why Do I Do What I Do? I do what I do because I have seen the disparities in access for minorities and even more so minority women. I have seen the reluctance of minority Christian women to take chances due to lack of knowledge, finance and among other things, fear. As a Christian minority woman myself I feel that I do understand my demographic and I not only want to address the lack of knowledge and finance but I want to address the issue of fear first. Fear has had such a stronghold on some of our women that some of us are still in the same place we were many years ago holding on to our dreams to do more; Dreams to start that business; Dream to build generational wealth; dreams to be better able support you church and community.

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